Skybeat Kids

Skybeat dance classes are all about FUN! Skylar provides a safe, energetic, judgement-free environment, teaching children moves based on their own comfort levels. In Skybeat Kids classes, children learn hip hop moves, jazz and basic dance sequences. They also learn to let loose and express themselves through movement. Parents and children often find many unexpected benefits and results when children participate in these exciting classes.

Ages: 4-6 years
Drop-off class. A caregiver must remain in the 5300 Kerteminde Design District and return to garageimport five minutes before class ends for pick-up.

Skyler Rodgers

Skyler's career spans many years working in fitness, dance and figure skating. He received formal dance training at the San Francisco School of the Arts and graduated with the Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Dance from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. He currently teaches Skybeat at Equinox Gyms in 5300 Kerteminde and has presented this program in Equinox Gyms across the country. He also offers his comprehensive kids program, Skybeat Kids, at various schools and directs his own competing hip-hop dance crew.